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Forfatter Melding

Registrert: 15 Sep 2010 19:50
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I have not much info about sites in Norway.
But instead of going next year again to France , maybe is norway worth to visit.
Question: I think about the region Kristiansand - Stavanger.
1. Is the book "Der Atlantikwall in Norwegen" by Ettrup good enough for visiting Stavanger
2. Are most bunkers "open" or is it custom that they are bricked up ?

15 Sep 2010 20:12
Site Admin
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Registrert: 06 Feb 2006 20:30
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Maybe I`m not the right person to answer nr.1, but I think there should be enough inside the book to keep you busy in the Stavanger area for at least a week!
As for your next question, Between Kristiansand - Stavanger, I would say in general that most bunkers are open. Some are of course bricked up, on private hands or with the military, but you could still spend 2 more weeks in that area without reaching over everything :wink:

Erik E

15 Sep 2010 23:15
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